Engrained Wood Designs opened in 2016  in the heart of downtown Yakima, Washington, and has been creating custom wood furniture for the community ever since. We build everything from bed frames to dressers, as well as offering painting and sewing classes to all ages. Stop in soon to learn more.







Engrained Wood Designs is an authentic experience. A chance for you to be creative in a fun and challenging way. We offer insight and instruction, allowing you the experience to create something one of a kind.



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About Us


Michael & Becky Paul

Our woodworking story begins in the late 80’s. I found myself in charge of a once a month “Craft Night” at our church. For one particular class, I needed 90 angels cut out from wood. I had to pay someone $3 per angel! My husband asked if he had cut them would I have paid him. I said, “Of course.” He went and bought his first scroll saw the next weekend. Since then he has worn out 3 scroll saws!

Michael has cut out countless angels, bunnies, snowmen and any number of other blanks for me. We started teaching classes in our home in Spokane in the 1990’s. I taught there for 13 years.  My classes were for adults only until I had a mom ask if I would consider teaching a Saturday morning class for kids. I decided to try it and they were also a huge success.
I love to teach children and adults to enjoy being creative! Many people had never picked up a paint brush until they came to one of my classes! And to discover that through their own creativeness they can make something they can say, “I made it!”
Once Michael found himself in the garage working with wood he found that he loved it. Blanks turned into beautiful scroll work and then into shelves, tables and the list goes on.
In 2005 we moved to Phoenix, AZ. I was not sure what would happen in Phoenix considering how hot it gets there and the fact that wood dries out in the hot sun. But, I found that moms are always looking for things that are creative and fun for their kids. Once again I found myself teaching children and then adults. I created an “Ocean” theme of wooden cut outs for the kids to paint. This, and many other fun projects, will be what I will be teaching here in Yakima.  
In September of 2015 our son Robb called to tell us about a fully operational wood shop that was for sale. The following weekend, we flew up to Yakima to tour Nate Sabari Woodworks. We visited twice more and, in late January, came to terms to purchase the wood shop. We formally transferred ownership on May 1, 2016 and began operations as Engrained Wood Designs, Inc. Woodworking has been a passion for us and we are excited for the opportunity to do it full time.
Robb also has done woodworking and has done many projects here in Yakima.  We have three sons. Robb our oldest lives here in Yakima and operates Hop Valley Cross Fit box in the basement of the building. Our middle son, Sam is a Graphic Designer and lives in Phoenix, AZ with his new bride. Our youngest Daniel moved here from Phoenix with us and does all our graphics, social media, photography as well as some design work for us!
 We are so excited to be back in Washington! We loved Phoenix and the great friends we have. But, we are even more excited about the new adventure for us!